The Top Dental Clinics for Your Trip to Turkey

Why Consider Dental Care in Turkey?

Turkey has become a leading destination for medical tourism, including high-quality affordable dental care. There are several compelling reasons to consider getting dental work done in Turkey:

The Top 5 Best Dental Clinics in Turkey

ACIBADEM Healthcare Services, a pioneer in healthcare, extends its commitment to dentistry, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and exceptional dental services.
All on Dental distinguishes itself by offering specialized and personalized treatments, providing a bespoke approach to dental health.
Cayra Clinic combines a wealth of expertise with a patient-centric philosophy, creating an environment where dental care is tailored to individual needs.
Elit Dent, known for its advanced dental procedures, seamlessly integrates innovation and precision to deliver outstanding results.
Istanbul Aesthetic Center stands at the intersection of aesthetics and function, promoting holistic dental health.
Soraca Med prioritizes patient comfort and employs cutting-edge dental technologies for optimal outcomes.
Magic Smile Turkey adopts a holistic approach to dental care, ensuring not only oral health but also aesthetic enhancement.
My Nova Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized care and innovative solutions, creating a unique dental experience for each patient.
Türkiye Dental emerges as a beacon of dental excellence, offering a comprehensive range of services in the heart of Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Dental Work Done in Turkey

Turkey is known for having top-rated dental clinics staffed by skilled dentists trained in the latest techniques. Many clinics catering to international patients have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The quality of care rivals Western European and North American dental practices while being more affordable.
Common dental procedures obtained in Turkey’s clinics include dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, orthodontics with braces or Invisalign, and smile makeover packages. Complex procedures like full-mouth reconstructions are also performed.
Citizens of many countries, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia, can enter Turkey without a visa for tourist or medical stays of up to 90 days.
Many dental clinics have online platforms for prospective patients to submit their dental records and x-rays for evaluation by their specialists. Video calls can be scheduled to discuss treatment plans and pricing. Airport hotel pickup and clinic transfers are also arranged.
Reputable clinics accept major credit cards, bank transfers or payment platforms. Some offer financing packages. Be sure to clarify accepted payment methods before arriving.
Your dentist will provide post-procedure instructions for medications, diet and activity restrictions while healing. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to monitor progress. Some clinics have agreements with local hotels to arrange accommodations for recovery stays before cleared to fly home.