How many people go to Turkey for medical tourism?

Turkey's growing reputation as a premier destination for medical treatments.

In recent years, the number of people choosing Turkey for medical tourism has experienced an unprecedented ascent. From cosmetic procedures to complex surgeries, discover the diverse spectrum of healthcare services that draw individuals from all corners of the globe.

Spotlight on Popular Treatments

From renowned hair transplantation clinics to world-class cosmetic surgery centers, uncover the procedures that draw patients seeking transformative experiences.

The Numbers Behind the Smiles

With over 700,000 individuals seeking medical treatment each year, Turkey has solidified its position as a favored destination for medical tourism. Based on current trends, projections indicate that the number of medical tourists is anticipated to surpass 2,000,000 by the year 2023. Additionally, medical tourists constitute more than 32% of the total tourist influx to Turkey.


In the grand symphony of medical tourism, Turkey plays a resounding tune of success, harmonizing affordability, excellence, and diverse offerings. Through the lens of statistics, we witness the remarkable ascent of Turkey as a global healthcare destination, leaving an indelible mark on the map of transformative medical experiences.